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Why Greece never got a fair chance

On pure economics, Syriza got it mostly right both in terms of the diagnoses of the crisis and on what micro and macro level steps were needed to restore the Greek economy. But its big mistake was to assume that economic arguments could prevail over ideology and realpolitik. Another was its failure to convince its Eurozone counterparts that it would actually deliver on the promises it made. While Syriza could be excused for its naiveté’, its creditors get no such free pass. Their unwillingness to admit mistakes, keep promises for further debt relief and focus on petty parochial politics has once again trampled upon Greek democracy and sensible economic policy, and caused great harm to the European Project.

Unless they are willing to give Greece a fair chance over the next few days, the damage will be irreparable. And it is not just Greeks who will have to live with the consequences.