The Eurogroup provides a reality check

The last sentence of the European Council Communique from the June meeting simply states “We task the Eurogroup to implement these decisions by 9 July 2012.” This was always going to be a stretch and as expected the marathon 10 hour meeting of the 9th of July has failed to do any such thing as is clear from the Eurogroup communique.

As we discussed in detail in our report following the European Council, there were four important decisions taken that day. Some of these, such as the decision to set up a Eurozone-wide bank supervisor, the decision to allow Eurozone crisis funds to directly inject equity capital into troubled banks in member states got a lot of people excited. However, as we discuss in this commentary, the Eurogroup meeting provided a good reality check for those who may have got carried away after the better than expected (only because expectations were managed so low) results from the European Council meeting in June.