Economics & Economic Governance

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Re-Define seeks to improve economic governance and decision-making both at a European and international level. The economic governance programme encompasses macro-economics, fiscal issues, crisis management, economic decision-making and European governance and regulation. We work in close cooperation with a broad range of stakeholders, offering fresh perspectives and ideas for addressing various problems in economic governance.

Our key download is the blueprint Building a crisis management framework for the EU

This European parliament policy brief offers suggestions on how to build a comprehensive crisis management framework for the EU in general, and the Eurozone in particular. It also analyses the policy proposals being put forward by the European Commission and by other influential actors. 


Our most recent Commentaries and Policy-Making Briefs:

Commentary on the European Stability Mechanism (Jul 2011)

Community Method or Inter-governmentalism in the EU (Mar 2011)

An Optimal Design for the European Stabilization Mechanism (ESM) (Jan 2011)

A New Global Monetary System? (Feb 2011)

Expanding and Improving the European Financial Stability Facility (Jan 2011)

Global Imbalances and Global Governance (Feb 2011)


Other Re-Define Publications

Crisis Management for the EU and Putting the Raging Fire Out (Jan 2011) 

Emergent Global Challenges: What Europe Needs to do to Tackle the Triple Crises of Tax Finance and Climate

This policy paper discusses how globalization has led to a need for new institutional structures and approaches to global governance. The paper lays out specific short to medium term measures that Europe must take in order to tackle the triple fiscal, financial and climate crises confronting the world.

Financial Transaction Taxes: Tools for Progressive Taxation and Improving Market Behaviour

This policy brief shows how a differentiated regime of financial transaction taxes can be used for raising highly progressive tax revenues, reducing excessive short-termism and addressing systemic risk.

Tackling Tax Flight - A Step Towards Good Governance

This report, which was commissioned by the German Development Ministry, shows how Tackling Tax Flight can help improve the quality of Economic Governance.

Are SDRs or a new Gold Standard the right answers?

This concept note, written for the World Future Council, looks at the pros and cons of SDRs and the Gold Standard from an Economic Governance Perspective.