Financing Development

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Picture Credit: UNU

Financing Development

When it comes to financing development, the main aim of Re-Define is to push the borders of the current debate on development policies. Our work focuses on finding creative responses to newly emerging issues, while also looking for new solutions to the on-going problems of mobilising financial resources to finance sustainable development.

Our diverse professional background and work experience in various private and public sector bodies allows us to view the existing development issues from multiple perspectives. Combined with comprehensive research work and expert knowledge, it enables us to deliver tangible development policy solutions. Our latest work includes advancing development-friendly measures such as debt cancellation, reform of the financial system and tackling capital flight.

We work closely with a wide range of organisations and institutions such as national governments, international agencies, central banks, trade unions and civil society organisations worldwide.

The Managing Director of Re-Define, Sony Kapoor, has played a key role in bringing about multilateral debt cancellation, advancing innovative sources of financing and helping to tackle illicit financial flows. As one of the co-founders of the Tax Justice Network, Mr Kapoor has made a significant contribution to urging the financial system to be more development friendly.


Our publications on development issues:

Could the medicine harm the patient's friend

This is the draft summary of our work on the unintended consequences of financial reforms on poor countries

Tackling Tax Flight

This policy brief charts out the policy options for tackling tax flight from developing countries

Foreign Direct Investment - A Critique - Policy Report

This report shows how FDI has for the most part not lived up to the hype and proposes policies to help improve its development footprint

Illicit Financial Flows – A Briefing Paper

This briefing paper written for the Norwegian Foreign Ministry shows how illicit financial flows are undermining development

The changing landscape for IFIs

This report written for the Norwegian Foreign Ministry charts out the changing landscape that looms before institutions such as the World Bank and the Regional Development Banks  

Financing For Development Seminar Notes

These seminar notes were presented before the UN Financing for Development conference in 2008