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Re-Define Media Commentary

Note:We do not track all media references but some of our Op-Ed's, Interviews & some Quotes from us are here. Audio and Video clips can be found in their respective section


Eurozone economists call on governments to take up recovery baton - Cited in the Financial Times (27 December 2015)

Greece averts bankruptcy and softens austerity in last-ditch deal – Cited in The Telegraph (20 February 2015)

EU law could boost 'safe' securitisation – Cited on EurActiv (18 February 2015)

Greek Debt Standoff Awaits a Decisive Move – Cited in The New York Times (12 February 2015)

Europe must stop squeezing Syriza – Republished in Gulf News (7 February 2015) 

Stop squeezing Syriza. We can’t afford another wrong turn in Europe – Oped in The Guardian (6 February 2015) 

Sony Kapoor: SYRIZA doing great thanks to the Eurozone – Cited in Euro2day (4 February 2015)

Political deal on EU banking union completed - Cited in the Wall Street journal (20th March 2014)

Unnga dyr tabbe - Op-Ed in Dagens Naeringsliv (20th March 2014)

Mener Oljefondet ma fa ny vaktbikkje - Interview with Aftenposten- (14th March 2014)

European banking union is a sham that solves nothing - Op-Ed in the Finacial Times (19th December 2013)

Where did all the German savings go? - Cited in the Wall Street Journal (28th November 2013)

Norway's new government to invest in infrastructure - Cited in the Financial Times (7th October 2013)

Norway’s SWF considers oil-free, less liquid future - Cited in the Financial Times (22nd September 2013)

Lehman’s legacy: Five bitter pills - Cited in Financial Times Article (14th September 2013)

Schumpeter: More money than Thor - Cited in Economist Article (14th September 2013)

Norway's new government to reshape world's largest wealth fund - Cited in Reuters Article (10th September 2013)

Asset owners invisible in capital debate - Cited in top1000funds Article (5th September 2013)

Euro zone business activity strongest in 2 years - Cited in CNBC Article (4th September 2013)

Norway’s SWF: beyond the consensus - Cited in Financial Times Article (3rd September 2013)

Oil fund on troubled waters in Norway - Cited in FT Article (29th August 2013)

Major flaws in $760bn oil fund’s approach to climate change and sustainable investment - Cited in Blue & Green Tomorrow Article (15th August 2013)

European Banks Shaping Up Five Years After Lehman - Cited in Bloomberg Article (14th August 2013)

Investing for the Future - Op-Ed in Aftenposten (13th August 2013)

Alternatives focus at historic Italian foundation - Cited in top1000funds Article (26th July 2013)

Sony Kapoor: Troika be dissolved - Interview in Euro2Day (20th June 2013)

Eurozone crisis: live - Quoted in Guardian Live Blog (18th June 2013)

Economist Debate: Germany's Role in Europe - Arguing for the motion in The Economist (16th June 2013)

Business news and markets: as it happened - Telegraph Live Blog (6th June 2013)

Sony Kapoor: Why Europe is heading for collective disaster - Video Interview with France 24 (May 29th 2013)

The Death of the Swedish Model - Video Interview with France 24 (May 29th 2013)

Pension funds, where banks no longer go - Cited in top1000funds article (15th May 2013)

The Cyprus bailout isn't all bad: here are four silver linings - Op-Ed in The Guardian (26th March 2013)

Last round in Cyprus Poker - Cited in General Anzeige Article (23rd March 2013)

Salmon: The Russians' Cyprus Play - Cited in The Street Article (23rd March 2013)

Kapoor: The beginning of the end of the eurozone? - Op-Ed in Euro2Day (21st March 2013)

Two Tire Factories With Different Trajectories Reveal Social Schisms in France - Cited in New York Times Article (16th March 2013)

Bank compensation up in 2012 despite cutback efforts - Cited in Reuters Article (10th March 2013)

Bank Pay Rose In 2012 Despite Cutback Efforts - Cited in Huffington Post Article (10th March 2013)

BoE Funding for Lending Scheme sees loans contract in first 6 months - Cited in Article (5th March 2013)

Why capping banker bonuses - Op-Ed in Les Echos (4th March 2013)

Euro-Zone Bank-Rescue Deal Faces Hurdles - Cited in Wall Street Journal Article (3rd March 2013)

Euro-Zone Bank-Rescue Deal Faces Hurdles - Cited in Wall Street Journal Article (3rd March 2013)

Newshour - BBC Newshour (World Service) Video Interview (28th February 2013)