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Re-Define Media Commentary

Note:We do not track all media references but some of our Op-Ed's, Interviews & some Quotes from us are here. Audio and Video clips can be found in their respective section

Viewpoints: What if Greece exits euro? - Quoted by BBC (May 14th)

Furiouser and furiouser - Quoted by the Economist (May 12th)

Euro-Zone Growth, Jobless Forecasts Worsen - Quoted by the Wall Street Journal (May 11th)

Germany remains opposed to calls for economic stimulus in Europe - Quoted by the Washington Post (May 11th)

Doubts spread to Spain’s big banks - Quoted by the Financial Times (May 8th)

Finansverdenen blev en gøgeunge - Quoted by Politiken (May 5th)

Eurozone unemployment adds to gloom ahead of polls - Quoted by the Guardian (May 2nd)

Eurozone unemployment hits record high - Quoted by (May 2nd)

Spanish crisis deepens as recession confirmed - Quoted by the Guardian Blog (Apr 30th)

Europe, in Slump, Rethinks Austerity - Quoted by The Wall Street Journal (Apr 30th)

Kraftig bekymring for Spanias økonomi - Quoted by Aftenposten (Apr 27th)

ECB under pressure as eurozone tensions re-emerge - Quoted by Deutsche Presse-Agentur (Apr 27th) 

Spain hit by downgrade as unemployment soars - Quoted by Public Sevice Europe (Apr 27th)

Spain Downfall Strengthens Fears on Debt Crisis - Quoted by Industry Leaders magazine (Apr 27th)

Spain Downgrade Reinforces Debt Crisis Fears - Quoted by Time Magazine (Apr 27th)

World Malaria Day: why the need for overseas aid? - Quoted by the Guardian (Apr 25th)

EMU: ECB måste ta mer plats i eurokrisen - Quoted by Dagens Industri (Apr 24th)

Downgrade reinforces debt crisis fears  - Quoted by the AP (Apr 27th) 

IMF sees light recovery with dark clouds on horizon - Quoted by the Guardian Blog (Apr 19th)

In Europe, a fierce debate over growth or austerity - Quoted by the New York Times (16th Apr)

Debt crisis: live - Quoted by the Telegraph (Apr 11th)

Eurozone crisis live: Markets steady after sharp falls - Quoted by the Guardian (Apr 11th) 

Debt crisis: as it happened - Quoted by the Telegraph (Apr 10th) 

UK lawmakers reject "flawed" EU transaction tax - Quoted by Reuters (Mar 30th)  

Violence in Barcelona amid Spanish general strike - Quoted by the Guardian (Mar 29th) 

Nervous banks hold back Europe's revival strategy - Quoted by Reuters (Mar 26th) 

Eurozone eases Spain's debt targets - Quoted by the Irish Examiner (Mar 13th) 

Eurozone crisis live: Fitch raises Greece out of default - Quoted by the Guardian (Mar 13th) 

Greece clears one hurdle only to face next - Quoted by WSJ (Mar 9th) 

Budget woes: Is Spain the next Greece? - Quoted by the BBC (Mar 5th) 

EU leaders sign fiscal stability treaty - Quoted by Public Servive Europe (Mar 2nd) 

EU fiscal summit: Hope comes to the eurozone - Quoted by the BBC (Mar 2nd) 

Stocks off Highs After Bigger Take-up of ECB Loans - Quoted by the Associated Press (Feb 29th) 

Europe fears decision will open ‘a Pandora’s box’ - Quoted by the Irish Examiner (Feb 29th) 

ECB hands out $712 billion in loans to banks -Quoted by the Associated Press (Feb 29th)  

Eurozone crisis: live blog - Quoted by the Financial Times (Feb 29th) 

Banks to grab share of ECB’s €500bn loans - Quoted by the Independent (Feb 26th) 

Europa i revers - Quoted by Aftenposten (Feb 25th)