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Re-Define Media Commentary

Note:We do not track all media references but some of our Op-Ed's, Interviews & some Quotes from us are here. Audio and Video clips can be found in their respective section

Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy face new Euro battles - interview with the Guardian (Dec 31st)

Europe banks gobble up cheap loans offered by Central Bank - interview in with the LA Times (Dec 22nd)

The Blitz spirit - Quoted in the Economist (Dec 17th)

European leaders struggle with plan to tackle debt crisis - Quoted by Channel News Asia (Dec 15th)

Doubts mounts as Europe struggles with next steps in Euro crisis - quoted by Christian Science Monitor (Dec 14th)

EU, without Britain, sees fiscal treaty by march - quoted by Reuters (Dec 13th)

Cameron's defens may end up hurting the City - quoted in the New York Times (Dec 12th)

Finanssektor kan lide under Britisk enegang - Interwiev in Danish Berlingske Business (Dec 12th)

Nervous leaders await the judgement of the markets - quoted in the Financial Times (Dec 11th)

UK isolated i Europe after summit veto - quoted by AFP (Dec 10th)

EU banks slash sovereign holdings - quoted by the Financial Times (Dec 9th)

Euro, stocks see cautious gains on EU deal - quoted by Reuters (Dec 9th)

Euro moet zichzelf uit moeras trekken - Interview with Belgian De Tijd (Dec 9th)

ECB cuts rates for second month running - Public Service Europe (Dec 8th)

Sovereign downgrade could hit Eurozone banks - quoted in the Financial Times (Dec 6th)

Eurozone rescule scheme not a quick fix - quoted in the Economic Times (Dec 6th)

Eurozone defiant after S&P throws downgrade gauntlet - quoted in the Economic Times (Dec 6th)

Single currency bloc on guard for slew of downgrades - quoted in Europolitics (Dec 6th)

Germany, France ready the strait jackets - quoted in the Globe and Mail (Dec 5th)

Berlin i Paryz wreszcie mowia jednym glosem - quoted in Polish Rzeczpospolita (Dec 5th)

Merkel and Sarkozy forge EU treaty plan - quoted by Public Service Europe (Dec 5th)

EU Bank Writedown to Exclude Pre-'13 Debt - quoted by Bloomberg (Dec 1st)

Finance Ministers agree to EU debt guarantees - quoted in the WSJ (Dec 1st)

Shot in arm for world finance as EU countdown begins - quoted by AFP (Nov 30th)

Unemployment up as recession fears grow - quoted by Public Service Europe (Nov 30th)

Eurozone rescue plan enters endgame - quoted by Euracitv (Nov 30th)

Don't blame IMF - the letter to Ecofin-ministers mentioned in Swedish Dagens Arena (Nov 30th)

EU-wide guarantee scheme for banks urged - quoted by the FT (Nov 29th)

Ministers to reject pan-Europe bank guarantees - quoted by the WSJ (Nov 29th)

Ratings giant hits Belgium as crisis lashes euro heart - quoted by AFP (Nov 26th)

Zone euro: les marchés s'attaquent à l'Allemagne - quoted in Le Monde (Nov 25th)

Kampf gegen de Krise, Wut auf Deutschland - quoted in der Spiegel online (Nov 25th)

In debt crisis, a silver lining for Germany - the New York Times (Nov 24th)

Eurozone sovereigns must be stabilised before the banking sector - Op-Ed in the Financial Times (Nov 24th)

Portugal paralysed by strike over cuts - the Guardian (Nov 24th)

Some draw hope fram rare German weakness - Reuters (Nov 24th)

Portugal lowered to junk status as big strike hits - AP (Nov 24th)

Merkel vows no boost to ECB role - AFP (Nov 24th)

Europas höger bär ansvar för krisen - Swedish Aftonbladet (Nov 24th)

A first class passenger on the Titanic? - Die Welt (Nov 24th)

Merkel stands ground under French pressure - Public Service Europe (Nov 24th)

France and Germany advancing on treaty change as crisis worsens - Europolitics (Nov 24th)

Pressure Mounts on the ECB to act - Quoted in The Financial Times (Nov 23rd)

Brussels seeks powers over Eurozone budgets - Euractiv (Nov 23rd) 

Sensible solutions to the Euro crisis hinderd by bad politics - Quoted by Dagens Næringsliv (23rd Nov)

FT Ranking EU Finance Minister of the year - the Financial Times (Nov 22nd)

EU Governments Reject Mutual Guarantees For Bank Term Funding - WSJ (Nov 21st)

Italy's bond rates hit danger zone - Quoted in the Washington Post (Nov 10th)

Lösningen på eurokrisen finns i Frankfurt - Interview in Fokus Magazine (Nov 9th)

European Debt crisis spiralling out of control - Quoted in the Guradian (nov 9th)

What happens next? The scenarios for Italy - Quoted in the Financial Times (Nov 9th)

Emerging markets cannot & should not help a self-destructive Euro zone - Op-Ed Financial Times (Nov 7th)

Børser og banker håper Berlusconi gå - Quoted by Aftenposten (Nov 7th) 

Call for measures to curb short-termism - Re-Define's Paper on Green Finance in Financial Times (Nov 7th)

Vil diskutere ny gresk regjering søndag - Quoted by Dagens Næringsliv (Nov 6th)

Eurozone keeps heat on Greece, holds back aid - Quoted by Agence Presse France (Nov 6th)

La tempestad fractura la Union Europea - Quoted by El Pais (Nov 5th)

Sympathy but no money - Quoted by The Economist (Nov 4th)

Fresh doubts over capacity to contain firestorm - Quoted in the Financial Times (Nov 4th)

Humpty-Dumpty at the G-20: Can Europe put itself together again? - Christian Science Monitor (Nov 4th)

G-20 puts Italy under watch, but no new aid for eurozone - Quoted by Agence Presse France (Nov 4th)

G-20 summit leaves rescue fund dangling - Quoted by Euractiv (Nov 4th)

Global leaders rebuff call to boost euro bailout fund - Quoted by the Irish Times (Nov 4th)

Crise de la zone euro : Peut-on faire sans la Grèce ? - Quoted by France Soir (Nov 4th)

ECB will not become bank of last resort - Quoted by EU Observer (Nov 3rd)

ECB lowers interest rates as recession bites - Quoted by Europolitics (Nov 3rd)

Nei til euro er nei til EU - Quoted by Dagsavisen (Nov 3rd)

Vil få korthuset til å rase - Quoted by DN Norway (Nov 1st)

Greece calls referendum on EU bailout - Quoted in the Financial Times (Nov 1st)

Greek PM Calls for Referendum on New EU Aid Deal - Quoted in the Wall Street Journal (Nov 1st)

Papandreou kündigt Referendum über Schuldenschnitt an - Quoted in Sueddeutsche Zeitung (Nov1st) 

Greece gambles for referendum on new debt deal - Quoted by the Associated Press (Nov 1st)

Greece throws euro bailout into fresh crisis - Quoted in the Guardian (Nov 1st)

Next Act in Euro Deal - The Plan is Put to Test - Quoted in the Wall Street Journal (Oct 28th)

De crisis bezorgt me nachtmerries - Interview and Profile in the Jobat Magazine (Oct 28th)

Klucze do wyjscia z kryzysu fiskalnego sa w rekach EBC - Interview in the Polish Parkiet (Oct 28th) 

Inte imponerad - An interview in the Swedish Dagens Arena (Oct 28th)

No Big Bazooka - Quoted in the Economist (Oct 27th)

The devil is in the details and the data - Quoted in the Financial Times (Oct 27th)

Eurozone heads claim 'comprehensive' debt plan - Quoted by the Telegraph (Oct 27th)

Handelsresande i Eurokrisen - Profiled by the Swedish magazine Fokus (Oct 27th)

More Detail Needed - Quoted by the European Voice (Oct 27th)

Don't Believe New EFSF Number - Quoted in the Wall Street Journal (Oct 26th)

EU cuts back-room deak in Greek debt write-down - Quoted by EurActiv (Oct 26th)

De schuldencrisis is de Europese leiders boven het hoofd gegroeid - Interview in Belgian Knack (Oct 26th)

Bolstering bank capital is elusive target - Quoted in the Financial Times (Oct 26th)

Riesig groß und doch zu klein - Opinion Piece on the EFSF in Financial Times Deutschland (Oct 26th) English

Euro zone to boost crisis fund to 1 trillion Euros - Quoted by Reuters (Oct 26th)

Eurocrisis - Winners and Losers - File on 4 Radio Documentary on BBC 4 (Oct 25th)

Europe struggles towards rescue plan - Quoted by the Washington Post (Oct 25th)

Re-Define MD Sony Kapoor Interview on Greece & the Eurocrisis - Ta Nea Newspaper (Oct 24th)

No deal yet on Euro crisis as danger grows - Quoted by the Associated Press (Oct 23rd)

EU leaders sketch debt crisis plan - Quoted by Europolitics (Oct 23rd)

A profile of Sony Kapoor, Managing Director -  De Standaard (Oct 21st)

Glimrer ved sitt fravaer - Op-Ed in Aftenposten, Norway's leading newspaper (Oct 21st) English Version

Markets lose faith in bank recap plan - Quoted in the Financial Times (Oct 21st)

Mifid's net cast wide to overhaul trading - Quoted in the Financial Times (Oct 21st)

Eurozone crisis efforts in disarray amid divisions - Quoted by the Associated Press (Oct 21st)

Brussels wants EU-wide criminal sanctions on traders - Quoted by Deutsche Presse-Agentur (Oct 21st)

What exactly is the eurozone's credit leverage mechanism - Interview with Deutsche Welle (Oct 21st)

EU cracks down on high speed traders - Quoted by Reuters (Oct 20th)

Dexia: The end of a crisis or a begining - Quoted by the Washington Post (Oct 20th)

Doubts Grow on Euro Fund - Quoted by the Wall Street Journal (Oct 20th)

Eurocrisis Blog - Financial Times (Oct 20th)

World awaits deal from euro showdown - Quoted by European Voice (Oct 20th)

Plan for leveraging Eurozone bailout fund takes shape - Interview with Reuters (Oct 18th)

France risks AAA on bulked up EFSF bailout fund: Euro Credit - Quoted by Bloomberg (Oct 18th)

EFSF guarantees won't be silver bullet - Letter in the Financial Times (Oct 17th)

G-20 calls for speedy Eurozone package - Quoted in the Financial Times (Oct 17th)

Protestors target UK financial system - Interview excerpts on China Daily (Oct 16th)

El circulo vicioso del euro - Quoted in El Pais (Oct 15th)

Berlusconi survives confidence vote - Quoted in the Financial Times (Oct 15th)

Spanish credit rating downgraded ahead of G-20 meeting - Quoted in the Guardian online (Oct 15th)

Berlusconi survives confidence vote - Quoted by the UK Press Agency (Oct 15th)

Italy's Berlusconi wins confidence vote- Quoted by the Associated Press (Oct 15th)

Europe's dance of death between banks and sovereigns - Op-Ed Response in the FT's A-List (Oct 14th)

Insurance plan to boost rescue fund's reach - Quoted in the Financial Times (Oct 13th)

EU rolls out plan to shore up banks in face of crisis - Quoted in the WSJ (Oct 13th)

Barroso's Eurozone crisis plan could stop bank dividends - Quoted in the Guardian (Oct 13th)

Red flag hoisted over Europe's lenders - Quoted by the Financial Times (Oct 12th)

Konjunktor: Die Fans der Eurobonds - Interview in Financial Times Deutschland (Oct 12th)

Speaking about the Eurocrisis - Interview on CNBC (Oct 11th)

Eurozone's crisis countdown - Quoted in BBC news online (Oct 10th)

High Frequency Trades Said to Be a Topic at Regulator Meeting - Quoted by Bloomberg (Oct 10th)

Plan to recapitalize banks remains thin on details - Quoted by the WSJ (Oct 6th)

EU leaders under pressure to device bank rescue plan before G-20 - Quoted by Bloomberg (Oct 6th)

ECB boosts emergency support for ailing banks - Quoted by the Irish Times (Oct 6th)

Europe Tries to Stave off a Reckoning - Quoted by the New York Times/IHT (Oct 5th)

IMF adds to calls for bank recapitalization - Quoted by Europolitics (Oct 5th)

Analysis: Politics drives Europe's schizophrenia on banks - Quoted by Reuters (Oct 5th)

Q&A: Groundhog day at stability fund talks - Quoted in the Financial Times (Oct 4th)

The Greek conundrum - Quoted in BBC news online (Oct 4th)

Finance ministers defer Greek aid decision for second time - Quoted by Europolitics (Oct 4th)

Das Endspiel hat begonnen - Quoted in Tages Anzeiger (Oct 4th)

Planspiele fur de Griechenland Pliete - Quoted in Spiegel Online (Oct 4th)

EU drops clues on greater investor role in the Greek bailout - Quoted by Bloomberg (Oct 4th)

Tighter rules on capital: Bankers versus Basel - Quoted in the Financial Times (Oct 3rd)

EU transaction tax needs 'National Level' Design, Re-Define Says - Story on Bloomberg (Sept 30th)

Talking about the Eurocrisis, the ECB and the EFSF - Discussion on the BBC Today Program (Sept 29th)

Wall Street Pushes Ahead - Quoted in the New York Times (Sept 29th)

Kapoor Says ECB Committment to Bonds would stop the panic - Interview on Bloomberg TV (Sept 29th)

Germany approves Eurozone Rescue - Quoted in the Guardian online (Sept 29th)

Germany clears bigger bailout fund - Quoted in the Independent (Sept 29th)

The EU's Important Taxation Decision - Letter in European Voice (Sept 29th)

Merkel warns Athens of threat to rescue deal - Quoted in the Financial Times (Sept 29th)

EU unveils financial tax, approves tougher budget rules - Quoted by Deutsche Presse-Agentur (Sept 28th)

The Greek crisis has distracted us from the problems of banks in the EU - Op-Ed Respone in FT (Sept 28th)

EU's Barroso puts burden on the ECB to act on crisis - Quoted by Reuters (Sept 28th)

EU chief backs financial transaction tax - Quoted in Morning Star (Sept 28th)

EU pushes for global financial trading tax - Quoted by Associated Press (Sept 28th)

Can a 'Big Bang' Plan save the Euro? - Quoted in the Time (Sept 28th)

Europe thinks the unthinkable to solve the crisis - Quoted in the Financial Times (Sept 27th)

What ideas is Europe mulling to solve its debt problems - Quoted by Reuters (Sept 26th)

Bank lobby rejects reopening of Greek rescue deal - Quoted by Associated Press (Sept 25th)

Europe's banks hunt for funds to bolster capital - Quoted by Agence France Presse (Sept 24th)

Basel said to weigh criticisms of too-big-to-fail surcharges - Quoted by Bloomberg (Sept 23rd)

S&P downgrades Italian Credit Rating - Quoted in the Financial Times (Sept 20th)

S&P's downgrade heigthens Italian woes - Quoted in the Guardian (Sept 20th)

How best to stem the Euro crisis and help Italy and Greece Part I - Debate on France 24 (Sept 20th)

How best to stem the Euro crisis and  help Italy and Greece Part II -Debate on France 24 (Sept 20th)

Italy Credit Rating Downgraded - Quoted in the Independent (Sept 20th)

Berlusconi Furious at Standard & Poors Rating - Quoted in Spiegel Online (Sept 20th)

Time Quote of the Day & Italy criticizes S&P downgrade - Quoted in the Time Magazine (Sept 20th)

S&P adds to Euro stress with Italy downgrade - Quoted by Reuters (Sept 20th)

Italy criticizes S&P downgrade as political - Quoted by Associated Press (Sept 20th)

Eurozone threat looms over IMF meeting - Quoted in the Observer (Sept 18th)

Gjeldskrisen ikke løst - ny kritikk mot EU-ledere - Quoted in Aftenposten (Sept 18th) 

L'Europe encore et toujours divisée face la crise de la dette - Quoted in Liberation (Sept 18th)

Europe digs ever deeper debt hole - Quoted by Agence France Presse (Sept 18th)

Fears of Greek default sparked bank response - Quoted in the Financial Times (Sept 16th)

Eurobonds gain momentum, within limits - Quoted in the Wall Street Journal (Sept 16th)

Eurozone debt crisis - Tim Geithner rebuffed over cash injection - Quoted in the Guardian (Sept 16th)

Talking about Tim Geithner's visit to the EU and the Euro Crisis - Interview with CNBC (Sept 16th)

Geithner to discuss leveraging EU bailout fund - Quoted by Reuters (Sept 16th)

The need for the ECB to expand its bond purchases to stem panic - Interview on Bloomberg (Sept 16th)

Analysis: Is the EFSF ready to take over ECB bond buying?- Quoted by Reuters (Sept 15th)

Global concern over threat to Eurozone - Quoted in European Voice (Sept 15th)

Merkel and Sarkozy to hold crisis talks with George Papandreou - Quoted in the Guardian (Sept 13th)

ECB intervention - The only sure-shot way of stemming the crisis - Reuters Interview (Sept 13th) 

Analyis: Greek bail out: A pillar in peril - Quoted in the Financial Times (Sept 12th)

Por un BCE que apoye a los estados - Op Ed in El Mundo (Sept 11th) For English version Click Here

Germany wants deputy FM Asmussen to join ECB board - Quoted by the Associated Press (Sept 10th)

Making Strength of Zone's Weakness - Quoted in the Wall Street Journal (Sept 9th)

Fragility of eurozone rescue plan exposed - Quoted in European Voice (Sept 8th)

EU plans tax on stocks and bonds trading - Quoted by Reuters (Sept 8th)

La rehabilitación del eje francoalemán blinda el euro - Quoted in El Pais (July 24th)

Wheeling and dealing offers something for everyone - Quoted in the Irish Examiner (July 23rd)

Greek bailout deal: How the figures break down - Quoted in the Guardian (July 22nd)

Plan contains costly paradox - Quotes in the Financial Times (July 22nd)

EU Proposes Bank-Capital Rule Changes - Quoted in the Wall Street Journal  (July 21st)

EU to force banks to raise $650 billion in extra capital to avoid future crises - Quoted by AP (July 20th)

Brussels unveils tough tough bank capital rules - Quoted in the Financial Times (July 20th)

Proposals Emerge to Curb Greek Debt Load - Quoted in the Wall Street Journal (July 20th)

Greece needs decisive action & promise of a better tomorrow - Financial Times A list Op-Ed (July 19th)

Italy and Spain in firing line as Euro's fate hangs in the balance - Quoted in the Observer (July 16th)

Several ways to chip away at Greece's debt mountain - Quoted in the Wall Street Journal (July 15th)

Talking about Stress Tests, Euro Crisis and Credit Ratings - Panel discussion on Al Jazeera (July 15th)

Eruopean bank stress test findings - Quoted in the Guardian (July 15th)

Talking about Bank Stress Tests - Interview on Bloomberg (July 15th)

Eurozone drama: act fast, speak with one voice, analysts say - Quoted by Agence France Presse (July 14th)

Greek debt deadloack spreads fears - Quoted in the Wall Street Journal (July 14th)

FSB may impose losses on failing-bank bondholders to avert more bailouts - Bloomberg (July 14th)

European leaders face calls to bite the bullet - Quoted by Agence France Presse (July 14th)

Analysts are warned over the risks of using stress test data - Quoted in the Irish Independent (July 13th)

Emergency summit a distinct possibility as crises intensifies - Quoted by Europolitics (July 13th)

Germany's Helaba snubs EU stress test regulator in run up to publication - Quoted by Bloomberg (July 13th)

Pressure rises on divided Eurozone to act on debt crisis - Quoted by Agence France Presse (July 13th)

Dragkamp om ny Hellas-hjelp fortsetter - Quoted on E24 (July 10th)

EU leaders differ over Greek default - Quoted in the Financial Times (July 8th)

Bailout countries could have credit ratings suspended - Quoted in the Irish Examiner (July 8th)