Re-Define Book, The Financial Crisis - Causes and Cures

Download the Book Conservative bankers may sound like an oxymoron now, but there was indeed a time and age when bankers were known for their prudence. Within a matter of decades, bankers went from being considered ‘pillars of society’ to being widely reviled.

‘Credit’ comes from the word for trust in Latin (accreditivus) so it is scarcely a matter of surprise that this breakdown of trust overlaps with the biggest credit crunch in a generation. Clearly, governments need to continue to make efforts to restore credit flows in the economy in the short term. However, restoring trust in financial services to the extent that credit can again flow without the help of government support will be much harder. 

This trust can only be earned through a combination of structural changes to banking, eagle-eyed supervision, tougher regulations, and limiting incentives to take on excessive risks with perhaps a little bit of banker contrition.

Effective Crisis Management for the EU

Download our paper for the European Parliament on EU Crisis Management The ongoing EU economic governance debate is far too narrow and, to make matters worse is based on a number of flawed implicit assumptions. The discussion on how to prevent the recurrence of a future sovereign crisis in the Eurozone assumes that the crisis was a result of the lack of willingness rather than a lack of ability on behalf of MS governments to take appropriate corrective measures.

Finance Market Watch, Alternatives to Austerity, Lessons from Developing Countries, Green Finance, FTD, Le Monde, NRC, De Volkskrant, Der Tagesspiegel and Euractiv

Re-Define is in a very active mode and we are in the process of readying our Finance Market Watch initiative that we put together in early 2008, for a public launch in the autumn. 

We are also embarking on three fascinating new projects looking into 1) Alternatives to Austerity 2) Lessons for Europe from the Developing World and 3) Making a Green Financial System. 

New Re-Define Book, Bank Levies, Financial Transaction Taxes, Compensation Controls, Climate Finance, Development Finance...

Re-Define launched its new Book "The Financial Crisis - Causes and Cures" in Brussels at the end of April. This will be widely circulated and made available free of Charge in the last week of June as part of our public service mission. It will also be downloadable from the Re-Define website.