Sony Kapoor Interviews on Recovery, Financial Regulation, Taxation, Inequality, Unemployment and Governance

Re-Define Managing Director Sony Kapoor sat down with the Real News Network on one of his visits to Washington DC and gave a series of wide-ranging interviews on the difficulty of getting the right financial regulation, the extreme fragility of the economic recovery, the sheer scale of the problem of rising unemployment and stagnating wages, the problems of collective action faced by institutions and governments and a number of other topical issues including the question of what should be done with institutions such as Goldman Sachs.

Forthcoming Policy Papers from Re-Define

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Sony Kapoor speaking on Financial System Reform at the Momentum Young Leaders Conference

New Policy Briefs on Financial System Reform from Re-Define

This policy paper sketches out what a good bank and a good banking system should like. It then reflects on policy options can can help us get from the banking systems we have to the ones we need

What should the banking system look like

This recent policy brief from Re-Define is a very important contribution to the curent policy discussions on financial sector reform. It lists, discusses and critiques the proposals put forward by governments in the US and Europe.

A stock-take of the ongoing financial reform discussions

This policy brief written in April 2009 discusses what financial sector reforms are needed in order to bring about a system that is more stable, more competitive, fairer and that better serves the need of the real economy

What financial reforms are needed