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Because most of the time we work directly with policymakers, the vast majority of our output is not available for public dissemination. However, we have received excellent feedback on the resources that we have made available up until now. So we now have a new target to put up to 50% of our work on the website to serve as a general resource for Policy Makers, NGOs, Academics, other Think Tanks and the Media.


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Our Top Downloads are

Our book on the Financial Crisis The Financial Crisis - Causes and Cures
Our blueprint for how to build a green financial system Funding the Green New Deal
Our blueprint on crisis management Building a crisis management framework in the EU

Recent additions

Our most recent Re-Define Commentaries
Re-Define Commentary on why massive ECB intervention is neccessary but insufficient - Nov 2011 New
Re-Define Commentary on the Systemic Crisis in the Euro Area and the ECB - Sept 2011  
Re-Define Commentary on Private Sector Involvement in Greece - July 2011
Re-Define Commentary on the outcome of the Euro Area Leaders' Summit - July 2011
Re-Define Commentary on the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) - July 2011

Our most recent Policy Maker Briefs

How to stem the Euro Crisis? - New
An Optimal Design for the European Stability Mechanism (ESM)
Expanding and Improving the European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF)

Our most recent papers for the European Parliament

Funding the Green New Deal - Building a Green Financial System - Sept 2011 New
Financing the Real Economy
Which way forward for EU Decision Making?
Increasing the Competitiveness & Sustainability of the European Union
A New Global Monetary System?
Global Imbalances and Global Governance
Crisis Management for the EU and Putting the Raging Fire Out
Developing a Crisis Management Framework for the European Union

Our book on the Financial Crisis

The Financial Crisis - Causes and Cures"

Our public briefs under the Finance Market Watch program

Why Finance Crashed
Lessons from the Financial Crisis
Principles for Financial Reform
Tackling Systemic Risk
How Banks Work and Why they are Fragile

Earlier Re-Define Publications

Could the medicine harm the patient's friend
This is the draft summary of our work on the unintended consequences of financial reforms on poor countries

Tackling Climate Change: Tools to Fund Adaptation and Mitigation
This policy brief written for the Foundation of European Progressive Studies, deals with the issue of funding adaptation and mitigation. 

FTTs: Prudential, Regulatory, Information and Fiscal Tools for the Future (English)
FTTs: Prudential, Regulatory, Information and Fiscal Tools for the Future (German)
This is our testimony to the German Bundestag on the subject of Financial Transaction Taxes from May 2010.

Emergent Global Challenges: What Europe Needs to do to Tackle the Triple Crises of Tax Finance and Climate
This policy paper discusses how globalization has led to a need for new institutional structures and approaches to global governance and lays out specific short to medium term measures that Europe must take in order to tackle the triple fiscal, financial and climate crises confronting the world.

Financial Transaction Taxes: Tools for Progressive Taxation and Improving Market Behaviour
This policy brief on financial transaction taxes discusses the taxes incidence and that FTTs are a flexible tool that can be used to address problems with the functioning of financial markets.

A stock-take of the ongoing financial reform discussions
This policy maker brief lists, discusses and critiques the proposals put forward by governments in the US and Europe up to and including August 2009.

What financial reforms are needed
This policy brief written in April 2009 discusses what financial sector reforms are needed in order to bring about a system that is more stable, more competitive, fairer and that better serves the need of the real economy

Using Financial Transaction Taxes for Fairer Burden Sharing
This note talks about how Financial Transaction Taxes can help meet some of the fiscal costs of the ongoing financial bailouts and enable a fairer burden sharing accross society

Regulating Hedge Funds
This note on Hedge Fund Regulation is a Response to the European Comission Consultation Written on Behalf of the European Parliament

Regulating Private Equity
This note on Private Equity Regulation is a Response to the European Comission Consultation Written on Behalf of the European Parliament

Tackling Tax Flight
This policy brief charts out the policy options for tackling tax flight from developing countries

Tackling Illicit Financial Flows
This briefing paper written for the Norwegian Foreign Ministry shows how illicit financial flows are undermining development

Are SDRs or a new Gold Standards the right answers?
This concept note, written for the World Future Council looks at the pros and cons of SDRs and the Gold Standard from an Economic Governance Perspective

Technology Adaptation and Insurance Fund
This concept note suggests how a Technology Adaptation and Insurance Fund could be set up under the UNFCC to help reach a deal at Copenhagen


Foreign Direct Investment - A Critique - Policy Report
This report shows how FDI has for the most part not lived up to the hype and proposes policies to help improve its development footprint

The changing landscape for IFIs
This report written for the Norwegian Foreign Ministry charts out the changing landscape that looms before institutions such as the World Bank and the Regional Development Banks

Tackling Tax Flight - A Step Towards Good Governance
This report, which was commissioned by the German Development Ministry shows how Tackling Tax Flight can help improve the quality of Economic Governance

Mitigation - Emissions Trading or Carbon Taxes?
This think piece compares and contrasts emissions trading programs and carbon taxes in terms of their effectiveness in helping reduce emissions

Speeches & Presentations

Financing For Development Seminar Notes
These seminar notes were presented before the UN Financing for Development conference in 2008

Evidence and Official Submissions

A constructive critique of the Norwegian Government's report on Tax Havens