The Re-Define Team for EU Related Projects

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The Re-Define team consists of the core hub of researchers and policy analysts who are responsible for the day to day running of the Think Tank, the Advisory Board who give strategic and policy guidance and will also be active in Research work, the Council of Advisors which will work and co-operate with Re-Define on matters of Research and Policy and members of the Panel of Experts who will work with Re-Define on a more ad hoc basis on specific pieces of work.


The Team @ the Re-Define Hub

Sony Kapoor, Managing Director 

Anna Gibson, Research Co-coordinator and Editor

Michelle Hendery, Press Officer 

Lisa Wong, Research Associate 

Greg Ford, Research Associate and Outreach 

Meenoo Kapoor, Director, Law, Finance and Accounting 

Linda Oksnes, Research Associate 

Ryan Hogarh, Research Associate 

Madeline Evans, Research Associate 

Tatiana Sukhanova, Research Associate 

Matthew Townsend, Research Associate and Editor 

Makaio Witte, Research Associate 

Jessica Townsend Media, Editing and Administration 

Advisory Board @ Re-Define

Also Members of Council of Advisors Click Here for Bios

Avinash Persaud: Chairman, Intelligence Capital, Warwick Commission 

Jose Antonio Ocampo: Professor, Columbia University, ex under Secy. General, UN

Michael Hoffman: Executive Director, World Bank. Ex Director General BMZ

Rob Johnson: Executive Director, Institute for New Economic Thinking 

Damon Silvers: Policy Chief, AFL - CIO, Member Congressional Panel on TARP 

Herman Mulder Ex Head of Group Risk Management, ABN AMRO

Members, Re-Define Council of Advisors

Thorsten Beck: Prof in Economics, Chairman of European Banking Centre, U of Tilburg

Amit Seru: Asst Prof Finance, University of Chicago

Thore Johnsen: Prof Finance, NHH Bergen 

Chris Rose: Principal, Clearlake Consulting, ex-COO WR Capital Management

Gerald Epstein : Prof and Department Chair, Economics, Director of PERI, Univ of Mass 

Zenu Sharma: Asst Prof Finance EDHEC Business School, France 

John Fullerton : President Capital Institute, Ex MD JP Morgan 

Stephany Griffith-Jones: Research Director of Financial Markets, IPD, Columbia University

Simon Pak: Assoc Prof of Finance, Penn State University 

Stephen Spratt: Research Fellow, IDS Sussex 

Gregory Fischer : Chief Economist, ResPublica, ex Bank of England Research Associate LSE 

Perry Mehling : Prof Economics, Barnard College at Columbia University 

Sebastian Dullien : Co-Director, Centre for Excellence on Money, HTW Berlin 

Barry Herman: Visiting Fellow, New School, ex Chief Economist UN DESA

Richard Herring : Prof Banking & Finance, Wharton; Co-Director Financial Center

Nicholas Petit : Professor of Law in Competition, University of Liege

Members, Re-Define Panel of Experts

Charles Goodhart : Ex Chair of Banking & Finance, LSE, Ex Member MPC BoE

Viral Acharya : Prof Finance, New York University

Jane D'Arista : Economist, University of Massachusetts 

Heribert Dieter : Senior Fellow, German Institute for International Affairs 

Claus Thomasberger : Prof Economics and International Policy, HTW Berlin 

Patrick Diamond : Research Fellow, University of Oxford 

John Williamson Senior Fellow, Peterson Institute of International Economics 

John Kay : Visiting Professor LSE and Columnist Financial Times 

Layna Mosely : Assoc. Prof of Political Science, UNC Chapel Hill 

Gustav Horn : Director IMK, former Expert Adviser ECON

Jan Priewe: Prof Economics, HTW Berlin

Richard Werner : Chair Empirical Macroeconomics, Goethe Uni Frankfurt 

Rajiv Kumar: Director General, FICCI

Mike Masters: Managing Member, Masters Capital, Founder Better Markets 

Sanjay Reddy : Assoc. Prof Economics New School 

Steinar Holden : Prof of Economics at University of Oslo