Who We Are

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Re-Define's Advisory Board represents our brain trust. It brings together leading thinkers with a diversity of backgrounds from across the world. They are critical in our ability to respond to emerging policy challenges with the most insightful and rigorous, yet practicable and timely solutions

They also help guide the strategic direction of the organisation and are crucial to our work with the policy-making community in particular. Most have held senior positions in the public or private sector.


The current members of the Advisory Board are: 

Sony Kapoor, Managing Director of Re-Define & Senior Visiting Fellow, London School of Economics

Rob Johnson, Executive Director, Institute for New Economic Thinking

Avinash Persaud, Ex-Head of Research, UBS & Chairman, Intelligence Capital

John Kay, Independent Economist and Author, Visiting Professor, London School of Economics

George Magnus, Independent Economist, Consultant and Commentator 

Robert Wade, Professor of Development Studies, London School of Economics

Charles Goodhart, Director of the Financial Regulation Research Programme at the Financial Markets Group, London School of Economics

Jose Antonio Ocampo, Professor of Professional Practice in International and Public Affairs, Columbia University

Lord John Monks, Life Peer, House of Lords

Peter Bofinger, Professor of Economics, University of Wurzburg & Member of the German Council of Economic Advisers 

Vicky Pryce, Independent Economist & Author, Adviser to UK Business Secretary

David Webb, Head of Finance Department, London School of Economics

Damon Silvers, Member, Congressional Oversight Panel on TARP and Head of Policy, AFL-CIO

Amit Seru, Assistant Professor of Finance, University of Chicago

Sebastian Dullien, Co-Director, Centre for Excellence on Money, HTW Berlin