About Us

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What We Do

We are an independent international think tank specialising in financial and economic policy formulation. We also advise corporate entities, investors and other stakeholders on the economy and policy developments.

Re-Define brings together some of the brightest minds in the relevant fields to develop creative, yet pragmatic solutions to the most pressing public policy challenges of our times. The Re-Define team is led by Sony Kapoor, an influential economist, financial sector expert and development practitioner.

We advise several governments, international agencies and non-governmental bodies on a number of key policy themes. Our work is evenly split between blue-sky thinking, long-term oriented public policy development and providing immediately implementable public policy solutions. We are particularly good at supporting governments in crisis management.

Re-Define has advised institutions such as the IMF, the UN, the World Bank, the European Commission, the OECD, the European Parliament as well as several national central banks, finance ministries and financial regulators amongst others. 

We are known for both the high quality of our advice to policymakers and for challenging them to think ahead. We seek to increase the understanding of key economic policy issues and to promote an informed debate amongst policymakers, journalists, academics and ordinary citizens. Some of our recent work has focused on the following themes:

  • Actions to Tackle Tax Flight,
  • Promoting Financial Sector Reform,
  • Finding Solutions to the Eurocrisis,
  • Better Sovereign Debt Management,
  • Improving Sovereign Wealth Funds and their Strategies,
  • Developing a Green Financial System,
  • New Approaches to Development Finance,
  • Lessons for Improving Economic Governance,
  • Changing Monetary and Macro-prudential Policy. 

We were involved in the design and set up of European crisis management funds such as the ESM, the restructuring of Greek debt, the Irish bailout and the Cyprus bail-in. We have contributed to most pieces of financial legislation drafted in the European Union since 2009. Re-Define also took the lead in the launch of the Growth Compact for the EU.

Most recently, we have been working on reforming how the restructuring of sovereign debt is handled and on building a better crisis management framework for the European Union and sovereign countries. We are also working with the OECD on new approaches to development finance, and with the United Nations on greening the financial system. Our recent work on improving the way Norway’s Sovereign Wealth Fund, the largest in the world, is run, has been especially influential. We are also working on the on-going large scale reform of the Indian financial system and economic governance.