Re-Define is an international think tank dedicated to improving public policy and business decisions around the world. We are change-makers driven by a core belief in the power of evidence, argument and communication to deliver on our belief in the greatest good for the most people. Our work is underpinned by four core values: sustainability, equity, dynamism and integrity.

We are a non-partisan, non-profit organisation dedicated to using research and expertise to deliver change. To accomplish that, we bring together some of the sharpest minds from across the globe to apply their insights to tackle the most difficult and consequential challenges facing the world. At Re-Define, we believe that a complex, interconnected world often requires versatile and ingenious ideas for solutions that cut across industries, policies and countries. That is why our hub-and-spoke model uses the core team to support and direct our cross-disciplinary international experts who work in a wide range of sectors.

We focus on informing the public debate and challenging groupthink, while at the same time offering creative and pragmatic solutions to the most pressing public policy challenges of our times. We pride ourselves on our decade-long track record of shaping public and private sector policy in fields as diverse as international development, sustainable finance, crisis management, financial reform, long-term investing and harnessing technology for impact.

We also help countries, businesses and non-profit organisations to take advantage of the great opportunities presented by new advances in research, technology, evidence collection and worldwide best practice.