Finance expertise lies at the core of Re-Define, where we view the financial sector as the allocator-in-chief and the brain of the economy.

Re-Define’s current work programme emphasises long-term finance, reforming asset management, impact investing and greening the financial system. We also also work on the reform of Development Finance Institutions, which we believe will have to play a much bigger role if the Sustainable Development Goals are to be met. We are currently working on blueprints for finance for the circular economy and finance for the blue economy.

On governance, Re-Define’s work has focussed on central bank reform, better fiscal management, the management of sovereign debt, improving the policy framework for crisis prevention, mitigation and resolution. We also do extensive work on tackling tax avoidance and tax evasion.

On the regulatory side, we focus on financial stability, compensation reform, capital and liquidity requirements, as well as reforms of asset management.

In the past, we have had a wide range of successful initiatives. For example, we created the first blueprint for a green financial system, a framework for a long-term oriented financial system, and also helped to conceptualise the investment plan for Europe.