We believe that the EU faces unprecedented multifaceted challenges that include the unresolved aftermath of the eurocrisis, unfinished economic reforms, ageing demographics, as well as a rising tide of populism and anti-immigration sentiment.

With our work and research not only are we striving to make sure that the EU is up to tackling these and other emerging challenges, but also that it emerges as a world leader in matters of good governance and well-tailored regulation.  We believe that the EU’s work on competition policy, on environmental standards, on data and on privacy and taxation of multinationals, for example, can help define global approaches.

In the past, two of Re-Define’s most successful projects have been lessons from developing economies for the EU and the OECD, and the lessons from the EU for emerging economies. We are expanding these under the Future of Europe and International Development programmes.

We are also building on our past work which includes constructing complete crisis management framework for the EU, the banking and capital market unions, making the EU the world leader in a green and circular economy and deepening the single market, particularly in services. In the past, we contributed to the design of the European Stability Mechanism and the EU’s crisis management framework, both of which need to be further strengthened – another focus of our work.