Sustainability is an important theme running through all of our work programmes.

Our work on sustainable economy looks closely at the best sustainability strategies for governments and businesses, keeping in mind unintended consequences and socio-economic outcomes.

At Re-Define, we focus in particular on how to best tackle climate change, support the blue economy, and promote the circular economy through improved economic policy making, technological advances and enhanced business models. We also look at how to best address issues of water scarcity and food security.

We continue to build on the success of our previous work in persuading a number of large asset owners and funds to divest from fossil fuels and to implement sustainability principles, including the launch of climate stress tests.

Some of our most influential former initiatives include our framework for “Funding the Green New Deal – Building a Green Financial System” for the European Union, and our work with the UNEP Inquiry into the Design of a Sustainable Financial System.