Re-Define is in a very active mode and we are in the process of readying our Finance Market Watch initiative that we put together in early 2008, for a public launch in the autumn.

We are also embarking on three fascinating new projects looking into 1) Alternatives to Austerity 2) Lessons for Europe from the Developing World and 3) Making a Green Financial System.

We have made a decision to be less reclusive in the future to the media and as part of this have a series of Op-Eds in the 1) Financial Times Deutschland 2) Le Monde (on the 25th of June in a special G-20 section) 3) The Volksrant (25th of June) 4) Euractiv the EU news information service.

We will be doing a series of 2-3 more Op-Eds on Financial Sector Taxation in the FT Deutschland over the next 2-3 weeks

We also have a series of interviews starting with the 1) NRC Handelsbald (19th June) 2) Der Tagesspiegel (the 27th of June) 3) El Pias.(next week)

We have also decided to make ourselves available for media comments on developing events and news stories.

We will soon be launching 1) the final printed and downloadable version of our book “The financial crisis – causes and cures” 2) our paper on the taxation of the financial sector which is meant to be a counter paper to the IMF study on the subject 3) a new policy brief on tackling compensation problems in the financial sector 4) a new report on constructing a development friendly financial system 5) our work on greening the financial system 6) A SWOT analysis of various suggestions for reforming EU economic governance 7) Sovereign Debt Restructuring 8) Global Governance – A New Approach and many more pieces of though provoking and stimulating writing and research.

Watch this Space!